Saturday, 14 January 2012

Silent Hill Downpour HD Collection New Release Date

  Silent Hill Downpour HD Collection New Release Date : Silent Hill HD Collection has now been announced to be released in 6th March,it was earlier announced to be released this month January. 

Silent Hill Downpour updated release date of game is also 13th March according to the Konami’s brand new entry in the franchise. SIlent Hill Downpour is said to be the story of Murphy Pendleton, a convicted felon, who finds himself trapped in Silent Hill after his prison transport bus crashes. And the Players can also players can embark on side missions, explore the town and piece more of the mystery of Silent Hill together. 

Latest updates according to the internet sources the new release date is 6h March 2012. People who were ancious to play game Silent Hill HD Collection have to wait still for two months announced by Konami.Komani said that the game will now be released on March 6th instead of its original January release date. 

So lets wait and watch when this new release comes in front of us..



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